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          Long Yuxiang was invited to attend the Opening Ceremony of the PyeongChang Olympics

          時間:2018-06-13 16:52:04          來源:

          On February 9, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, executive chairman of China International Cultural Communication Center, Long Yuxiang was invited to attend the 23rd Winter Olympics opening ceremony in PyeongChang.
          Before the start of the opening ceremony, the Korean Culture and Sports Tourism Minister Do Jong-hwan on behalf of President Moon Jae-in held a grand reception to welcome the international Olympic committee officials, sports ministers and important guests, Long Yuxiang was invited to attend. In his speech, he welcomed all the distinguished guests to attend the PyeongChang Olympic Games, hoping that the PyeongChang Olympic Games will be a grand gathering of peace and integration around the world.
          "I wish the PyeongChang Winter Olympic games a great success," Long Yuxiang said in his communication with Do Jong-hwan. My visit this time will study hard the experience of hosting the Winter Olympic Games from ROK and take reference for China to successfully host the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Beijing Kunlun Red Star Ice Hockey Club under the supervision of China International Cultural Communication Center is actively reserving the excellent hockey players for our country and making contribution to the development of China's ice and snow sports. In the future, CICCC will continue to promote cultural and sports exchanges between China and ROK and make active efforts to promote the healthy development of China-ROK relations. Do Jong-Kwan thanked CICCC in making positive contribution for promoting the development of the relationship between ROK and China, hoped to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with CICCC in the future in the aspects such as culture and sports, wish the Chinese athletes achieve good this time, at the same time also wish Beijing Kunlun Red Star hockey club achieve better development.
          During the communication with Zheng Mengyuan, chairman of Ice Hockey Association of ROK and Korea An Yang Han Ice Hockey Club, Long Yuxiang said welcome An Yang Han Ice Hockey Club join the “Silk Road Cup” Hockey League hosted by CICCC, from which we could learn from each other and achieve the common development. Zheng Mengyuan said that she has heard the name of Beijing Kunlun Red Star hockey club and hoped to have a chance to participate in the "Silk Road Cup" Hockey League. Yue Xinyu, founder of Beijing Kunlun Red Star hockey club, who attended the reception, was interested in initiating a friendly match with Zheng Mengyuan, who readily accepted.
          After the reception, the distinguished guests moved to the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics. Beijing time is 7 PM, the 23rd Winter Olympic Games grand opening ceremony officially started.
          The theme of the opening ceremony of PyeongChang Olympic Games is "peace". The opening ceremony takes five children adventure tour of exploring for peace as the main line and tells the story of mankind through communication to build a peaceful world. While introducing the history and culture of South Korea, the voice of peace has been delivered to the world.
          At about 8 PM Beijing time, Zhou Yang was holding a five-star red flag and leading the Chinese delegation entering the venue. Immediately, the Chinese audience in the site were excited and cheered. It is reported that China has sent 82 athletes to the winter Olympics, and will take part in five major events, 12 sub-items and 55 minor competitions. It is the largest delegation since the Vancouver winter Olympics in 2006.