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          Long Yuxiang met with International Ice Hockey Federation President Reni Farsel

          時間:2018-06-13 16:57:05          來源:

          On March 7, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of CPPCC National Committee, executive chairman of China International Culture Communication Center, Long Yuxiang met with International Ice Hockey Federation President Reni Farsel in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the two sides had in-depth communication about enhancing CICCC and IIHF exchanges and cooperation, hand in hand promoting the development of China's ice hockey development, preparing for the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games.
          Long Yuxiang warmly welcomed visit of President Reni Farsel, he said, thanks to President Farsel for his affirmation and praise to the Kunlun Red Star Ice Hockey Club during the 2018 Olympic winter games in PyeongChang, thanks also for the long-term care and support to the CICCC and Kunlun Red Star. CICCC has been earnestly implementing the important instructions of President Xi Jinping, in order to promote China's ice hockey achieve success in Beijing Winter Olympics, promote the domestic ice hockey overall level and boost the international sports cultural communication as the mission. As an important window of the country's foreign cultural exchange, CICCC has been actively promoting Chinese culture to the world. At present, CICCC has been working closely with the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, and will further upgrade the VHL, and jointly create the world's third largest ice hockey league - Silk Road Cup Super Hockey League, which has obtained the Chinese leaders’ great importance and vigorously support, vice premier Zhang Gaoli, vice premier Liu Yandong, party secretary Cai Qi, head of State General Administration of Sports Gou Zhongwen and other leaders have made the important instructions of conscientiously making well the - Silk Road Cup Super Hockey League. We will keep our mission in mind, further strengthen the ice hockey exchange and cooperation domestically and internationally, promote to gather more ice hockey resource in China, in Beijing, which will be conducive to the development of China's ice hockey, conducive to carry out hockey diplomacy, promote sports cooperation and communication between the countries, especially in ice hockey field, and promote the peoples’ hearts and minds are interlinked. The 2022 Beijing Olympics is coming, really looking forward to further deepening the exchanges and cooperation, and hope President Reni Farsel and IIHF could support us in preparing for the 2022 Winter Olympics, and hope President Reni Farsel could support us in developing the Silk Road Hockey League Cup.
          President Farsel thanked Long Yuxiang for his warm welcome and hospitality. He said, thanks for the invitation, every time I come to China, I am very happy, especially when I meet my friends. He said since Kunlun Red Star started, he began to pay close attention to its development and only in two or three months, an excellent team was built, which is an amazing. He recalled that still remember under the witness of the two heads of China and Russia, Beijing Kunlun Red Star ice hockey club and KHL signed “Licensing Agreement of participating in KHL”, which marks the birth of China's first professional club who enters into the world top level hockey league, which is very challenging. He said, what needs to be done now it is to prepare for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, to grow up to be a competitive team, and to pay attention to cultivate players, in order to set up your own youth training system and league, to make Chinese ice hockey in a continuous competitive state, and to achieve sustainable development. China is very strong. What is needed now is to coordinate and gather all the forces, through working together to strive for the same goal. He said, there is less than four years from now until the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, IIHF is ready to provide any support that China may need, I believe that under CICCC as a strong backing, combining the excellent players and teams that Kunlun Red Star owns, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will achieve a great success.
          Li Yunzhi, advisor of CICCC, Tao Fanggui, vice President of IIHF Hu Wenxin, assistant to the President of IIHF Irina Ebner and other leaders attended the meeting.